2021 Spring Reports

Big Momma (Carolyn Fiscus) sends the following blessing “Help us walk in love forgiveness and courage to do the good things for our mother earth and all our relatives.” Thank you for this blessing, which is important to keep in mind, especially after the past year. She also sends a link to additional blessings and quotes.

Welcome from Tim Dickson, UNO Biology Associate Professor and Turkey Creek Preserve Director.
Jeremy White sends the report at this link about images captured at Turkey Creek Preserve by trail cameras as part of Jeremy’s UNO wildlife course.
Linda Ferring sends the report at this link about bluebird boxes and Audubon bird monitoring at Turkey Creek Preserve.
Kate Murphy sends the report at this link about butterfly surveys at Turkey Creek Preserve and monarch tagging to track movements to their overwintering grounds in Mexico.
Connie Spittler sends the book outline at this link about a coffee table book about Turkey Creek Preserve that will be published soon (deer photo above taken by Alex Wiles).
Suzanne Gucciardo sends the two videos above to detail Odonata (dragonflies and damselflies) and amphibians at Turkey Creek Preserve
Nebraska Wildlife Rehab still does work at Turkey Creek Preserve, and their website can be found here.
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Amy Schindler from UNO libraries sends an update that information about archived materials for Turkey Creek Preserve can be found here and a planned touchscreen at the Criss Library linking to information has been changed to show the slideshow shown here until it is safe to again have a high-touch surface.