2020 Spring Reports

The pictures immediately below are from a release of rehabilitated bats that were injured or needed to be removed from attics and other areas of homes in the Omaha area (pictures taken by professional photographer, Alex Wiles). The release occurred at Turkey Creek Preserve in April 2020 shortly after the planned date for the Spring Meeting.

The files below show the activities that have occurred at Turkey Creek Preserve since the 2019 Spring Meeting. We are very sorry not to have been able to see you in person for this year’s Spring Meeting, and we are thinking of you all during this difficult time.

Video welcome from Tim Dickson, Turkey Creek Preserve Director:

The quote below is care of Big Momma (Carolyn Fiscus):

Update on Nebraska Wildlife Rehab from Laura Stastny:

Update on trail camera observations from Jeremy White:

Update on butterfly monitoring from Kate Murphy:

Update on frog monitoring from Suzanne Gucciardo and Amanda Dague:

Update on UNO Criss Library Archive from Amy Schindler:

Update on Turkey Creek Preserve Book by Connie Spittler:

Update on bluebirds from Linda Ferring:

If you have any questions, please email Tim Dickson at tdickson@unomaha.edu