Tim Dickson, Ph.D. (Associate Professor and Principal Investigator): I am interested in patterns of plant diversity and ecosystem services in grasslands, with a focus on grassland restoration. Please click here to see my CV.  My email is

Alissa Van Tassell (Master’s Student 2019-2021): Alissa examined how bur oak mortality and regeneration is affected by closed canopy conditions and oak savanna restoration using mechanical thinning and prescribed fire.  She is finishing her thesis in the spring of 2021.

Brittany Poynor (Master’s Student 2017-2019): Brittany measured how cattle grazing affects milkweed abundance and monarch butterfly egg-laying. She has gone back to the business world and is currently managing a restaurant.


Eric Behrens (Master’s Student 2015-2017): Eric used remote sensing to estimate spatial heterogeneity after patch burn grazing in prairies. He also examined how prairie restorations adjacent to prairie remnants can minimize edge effects. He is now working for The Nature Conservancy.


Bradley Watson (Master’s Student 2014-2018): Bradley completed a project to examine the long-term (35+ years) effects of burning and mowing on soil carbon sequestration. He is now working with the Bahamas National Trust and the American Bird Conservancy on endangered bird conservation in the Bahamas.


Geoff Coughlin (Undergraduate Research Assistant 2014-2017).


Marvin Sibrian (Undergraduate Research Assistant 2016-2017).


Chelsea Pontious (Undergraduate Research Assistant 2014-2016)


Monica Blaser (Research Assistant 2015-2016)

Anastasia Zuerlein (Undergraduate Research Assistant 2016)


Jagger Hair (Undergraduate Research Assistant 2015)


Kevin Davis (Research Assistant 2013-2014)

(Not pictured) Undergraduate Research Assistants: Kailyn Hummel (2023-present), Karen Klug (2019-2022), Sage Evans (2018-2019), Summer Stanton (2018-2019), Chris Kerber (2017-2018), Tom English (2017-2018)