Dickson_mountainTim Dickson, Ph.D. (Assistant Professor and Principal Investigator): I am interested in patterns of plant diversity and ecosystem services in grasslands, with a focus on prairie restoration. Please click here to see my CV.  My email is



BradleyBradley Watson (Master’s Student 2014-): Bradley is working on a project to examine the long-term (35+ years) effects of burning and mowing on soil carbon sequestration.






EricEric Behrens (Master’s Student 2015-): Eric is using remote sensing to estimate spatial heterogeneity after patch burn grazing in prairies. He is also examining how prairie restorations adjacent to prairie remnants can minimize edge effects.





2014_May_Geoff_in_fieldGeoff Coughlin (former Undergraduate Research Assistant 2014-2017).






marvinMarvin Sibrian (former Undergraduate Research Assistant 2016-2017).





ChelseaChelsea Pontious (former Undergraduate Research Assistant 2014-2016)






monicaMonica Blaser (former Research Assistant 2015-2016)





Anastasia Zuerlein (former Undergraduate Research Assistant 2016)






JaggerJagger Hair (former Undergraduate Research Assistant 2015)






KevinKevin Davis (former Research Assistant 2013-2014)